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Why carpet cleaning is an excellent investment for your home

There's all sorts of services you can contract out for your home, all with varying degrees of value. Pricing of course varies from different providers but when it comes to carpet cleaning, at almost any price level it's a great value proposition!

Vancouver carpet cleaning picture
NIce view!

Carpets hold on to everything

Whether your new home is a mansion on the shores of West Vancouver or a tiny studio off Commercial, you never know what's been going on with the previous residents. Some landlords and most real estate agents will get carpets professionally cleaned but you never know.

Some carpets can go many years without a proper cleaning and especially if the tenants don't vacuum regularly, there can be outrageous amounts of bacteria and dirt built up in the fibres. This leads to a subtle but nasty smell and means you could be walking around barefoot in the equivalent of Vegas hotel room! If you have any suspicion that the carpets in your new place haven't been professionally cleaned, don't take a chance.

A fantastic deal

Let's say you're just doing a short term rental. Even if you're only staying 3 months, a small studio could be cleaned for around $120. It may seem like an unnecessary cost given it's a short stay but actually works out to just over a dollar a day to walk around on a clean carpet! It's a no brainer for most when you think about it in those terms and consider you have no idea who was in the place before you.

If you're staying long term, having it done twice a year is less than a dollar a day and will keep your place smelling and looking great year round. If you own, it will help your carpets last many more years and delay a huge expense down the road.

The best value in Vancouver is West End Carpet Cleaning

I specialize working in high rise condos and apartments in Vancouver, as well as small businesses. Get in touch for a free quote and we'll get your carpets on a regular schedule so they're fresh and clean for years. Talk soon!

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