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Carpet cleaning tips for your home

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Fresh and clean!

Carpets are a huge part of the look and feel of your home. Properly maintained, they can really add a unique touch and provide all sorts of benefits for you and your family. Housing is of course very expensive in Vancouver so make sure you're getting maximum value! Here's a few tips to keep your carpets looking and smelling fantastic.

Choose your carpet colour carefully

If you're renovating/building a home or have the option for any reason, carpet colour is a big consideration. Most people naturally gravitate towards light coloured carpets; they look great and can really lighten up a home but for some it can be a terrible decision.

The lighter the carpet, the more maintenance required and in some situations it can be almost impossible to maintain the original colour. For example, a truly white carpet can require multiple professional steam cleanings per year on top of daily vacuuming and regular spot cleaning. While this in on the extreme end, even lighter beige carpets commonly used can require much more upkeep than people realize.

Darker carpets such as those found in commercial settings don't light up a room but are excellent at hiding stains and high traffic areas. For high traffic rooms and other areas like stairs near an entrance, a tougher, darker carpet can be a lifesaver. For homes with loud/messy kids and pets, consider that these types of carpets can provide the durability of laminate with the noise dampening qualities of carpet.

Making the right choice could be the difference between your carpets lasting 2 years or 20 years!

Cleaning your own carpets

Maintaining your carpets completely on your own is possible but requires a bit of a work and investment.

There's a huge range of carpet cleaners designed for home usage, some obviously much better than others. We won't do an exhaustive review here but you should expect to pay at least $300-$500 for something that can do a reasonable job. The most important factor to consider is the extraction power of the machine. The cheapest machines and DIY stain tips on Google can do a good job of loosening stains, it's pulling them out of the carpet that's difficult. Choose the machine with the strongest vacuum you can afford.

A high quality vacuum is of course important as well and a good spot cleaner by Bissell or another well reviewed brand name is a good idea. Be strategic with use of mats and rugs; make sure high traffic areas are protected. Remember that without calling in a professional carpet cleaning service you won't have the same cleaning capabilities and will need to be more vigilant. While you may only need to call in a professional once or twice a year, you'll likely need to do your cleaning process much more often.

Choosing a professional

If you've decided to hire someone to clean your carpets, the choices can be overwhelming. For carpet cleaning in Vancouver, prices on a 1 bedroom apartment could be anywhere from $60 to as much as $400.

These wild variations in pricing are based on the capabilities of the operator but they're also based on how much an operator thinks you're willing to pay. Be wary of aggressive "upselling" and hidden charges! Also be suspicious if a quote seems too low for the job; no one is actually going to completely restore a heavily soiled, stained carpet for $60.

If you've got a very dirty carpet in a commercial space or a rental that needs to look good as new, expect to pay on the higher end. These jobs will require multiple staff, a variety of specialized equipment/chemicals and a truck mounted carpet cleaning machine, if it can reach it. For carpets that don't have a lot of stains and just require some TLC, the job can be done with basic commercial equipment and a single technician. In these situations, feel comfortable paying on the lower end of the scale and avoid additional charges.

Like any service, check reviews, call around and go with someone you trust!

Call West End Carpet Cleaning Today!

For any carpet cleaning services in the West End and across Vancouver, get in touch for a free quote and answers to any carpet cleaning questions you have. Take care!

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