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How much does carpet cleaning cost?

How much carpet you have is the biggest factor. Things like stains, your location and the overall labor required will also influence price. Using a standard 1 bedroom Vancouver apartment as a starting point, expect to pay between $100-$200 in most cases.

How long will it take to dry?

It depends on things like humidity, how much air flow you can get into the space and how dirty the carpets were but it's usually in the 2-6 hour range.

Do you use a truck mounted or portable carpet cleaner/do portables work?

Trucks definitely have more power but are simply not an option for high rises and buildings that can't leave doors propped open for security reasons. As the vast majority of my clients are in or around Vancouver's downtown core and West End, I only use portable machines. A skilled operator with a commercial grade portable (these are far more powerful than the machines for rent in grocery stores) can often match the performance of trucks in all but the dirtiest jobs. The most exclusive penthouses and high rise offices in Vancouver are cleaned exclusively with portables.

What kind of cleaning solutions do you use? Are they safe?

I exclusively use high quality products that are very powerful yet are totally safe for people, pets and the environment. I'm happy to provide you with the product names so you can check them out yourself.

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